After lackluster first half, Bisons topple Texas College

This shouldn’t have been a particularly tough game, but the Bisons had trouble putting the clamps down on Texas College on Monday night.  TC took plenty of shots from the field and made over 40%, and they also held Harding to a similar shooting performance.  Unfortunately, fouls were the story of the game, and Texas College committed 29 of them, presumably because they simply weren’t athletic enough to keep the Bisons away from the basket consistently.

Kevin Brown and Steven Barnett both recorded double-doubles, making it two in a row for Barnett, both of the points-assists variety.  Brown had 23 points and 13 rebounds, and his scoring came on just 11 attempts.  Clearly, Texas College had no one who could match up against him defensively.  Barnett had 18 points, 12 of which came at the charity stripe, and 10 assists.  He also had 5 of the team’s 22 turnovers (TC had just 19 as a team).

As has become the norm for the Bisons, three other players reached double figures in scoring: Trent Morgan with 15, and Sam Brown and Kirk Porter with 12 each.  It’s nice to see lots of guys scoring, since that makes you a little less susceptible to a fluke loss because of a star’s poor performance.

The conference schedule starts Saturday with the Bisons on the road at Henderson State.


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