Braves Chart of the Day: April 17, 2009

Baseball, with its seemingly endless stream of numbers and lengthy season, presents ample opportunities to share many types of data.  In an effort to keep presenting that data in new and interesting ways, I will strive to post one new Braves chart per weekday (Tue-Fri) as a way to spur your thoughts and possibly facilitate discussion about the South’s preeminent baseball team.

Today’s chart is a bar graph of each position player’s run value for the season so far.  The player is directly responsible for the batting and fielding components, while there are replacement level and positional adjustments that put everyone on equal footing.  Stats are through Wednesday’s (4/15) games.

It’s pretty clear that Kelly Johnson is off to the fastest start, while Garret Anderson is not.20090417-runvaluetotalbarcomposite


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