Braves Chart of the Day: April 21, 2009

Today begins the second week of the Braves Chart of the Day series, in which I attempt to befuddle readers with my Excel wizardry bring baseball’s numbers to life.

How much can things change in one week?  This is a comparison of the Braves’ hitters season OPS at the end of Week 1 vs. the end of Week 2.  Stats are through Sunday’s game.


Also, the Braves traded Blaine Boyer to the Cardinals for Brian Barton.  Talk about the Killer Bs.  Sickels rated Barton his #32 prospect in the majors in 2007, even though he’s been old for his level every year and probably strikes out too much.  He’ll just be outfield system depth unless he shows some improvement in what should be his peak season at age 27.


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