Braves Chart of the Day: April 24, 2009

Chipper Jones turns 37 today, so I thought it would be interesting to look at other players similar to him, with an eye toward his Hall of Fame chances.

Below are the Similarity Scores (a Bill James creation) of the next 10 most similar batters to Chipper through his current age.  This doesn’t adjust for position or anything, which is something HOF voters would definitely consider.

20090424-chippersimilarityscoresHopefully you can read those names clearly.  If not, left to right, it’s Gary Sheffield, Duke Snider, Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Billy Williams, Mike Schmidt, Larry Walker, Rafael Palmeiro, Reggie Jackson, and Fred McGriff.

Four of these players are already in the Hall: Snider, Williams, Schmidt, and Jackson.  Sheffield may be considered, and Bagwell is kind of a fringe guy.


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