Braves Chart of the Day: July 9, 2009

We’re digging into the farm system for today’s chart.

A 16th-round pick out of Nova Southeastern University (Division II), Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg is the Appalachian league’s leading hitter and the Danville Braves’ first baseman.  He’s hitting .459/.500/.721 in 70 PAs, which is basically what I do in my video games.

Below is a chart of his OPS by level.  RSF spent two years at Florida Atlantic before transferring to NSU this year.  Before you get too excited about the numbers, realize that he’s a 21-year-old playing rookie ball, three levels below Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman, who are both 1 1/2 years younger than he is.


If he gets called up to Rome soon, I might have to drive down for a game just to see how they get his name on a uniform.


2 thoughts on “Braves Chart of the Day: July 9, 2009

  1. Your readers demand that you immediately cancel your Friday night plans and return home to post your thoughts on the Church-Francoeur trade. I’d post my thoughts, but I don’t have any thoughts anymore, because this trade made my head asplode.

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