BaseRuns Spreadsheet and "Team NERD"

You know what’s cool about the internet? An hour’s worth of messing around in Excel can lead to a bunch of completely unwarranted eyes on my site, thanks to one FanGraphs writer.

Behold, Team NERD.

I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that if there’s one formula you’d like to be a part of, it would be the one called “Team NERD.”  It’s the creation of Carson Cistulli, who, if he had his druthers, would innately know what baseball nerds everywhere want to see when they watch games.  Since he doesn’t, at least not innately, he has brewed up this concoction to help quantify our collective tastes in baseball teams.

In the process, Carson mentions my post from a few months back, where I attempted to show which teams were “lucky” or “unlucky” based on how well their production had been converted into runs.  In doing so, I piggybacked off of a different FanGraphs article to create a BaseRuns-adjusted spreadsheet of the current MLB standings.  I haven’t really updated it often, but the nice thing (if your version of Excel supports this feature) is that it will automatically refresh data from FanGraphs and Baseball Reference whether I manually update it or not.

If you’re not a FanGraphs reader (and why aren’t you, if you read what I sporadically write about baseball?), check it out on a regular basis.


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