March Madness: Opening Round Review

Well, it appears that my bracket can be safely torn to shreds. I got just 23 of the 32 first-round games, which would be a lot more impressive if not for the lack of first-round upsets. This means that pretty much everyone got more, including 60% of the ESPN Tourney Challenge brackets. There are almost […]

March Madness: First-Round Redux

My fantasy baseball draft is coming up in about a week and a half, and pretty much no one other than me and my fellow league members will care about that.  March Madness, as Dan Shanoff mentioned the other day, is different.  Everyone seems to care about everyone else’s bracket, and I’ll offer up a […]

This is not my bracket

Pretty much every sports blogger is going to be posting his or her NCAA Tournament bracket this week.  I’ll be doing that too, but not in this post.  I’ll be saving my bracket post for the last possible moment on Thursday, since I plan on entering approximately four million different pools and need to maintain […]

Forbes should stick to what they know

Which I suppose is money.  I don’t read Forbes on a regular basis, and I probably won’t anytime soon after their latest foray into the world of sports analysis. Forbes annually publishes a list of the most valuable franchises in sports, which is usually a pretty interesting list, even if the Yankees are always at the […]