Leveraging the Braves bullpen

WPA is a stat that lends itself well to the analysis of relief pitching.  Along those lines, Sal Baxamusa has an interesting article up on The Hardball Times about reliever leverage so far in the 2007 season.  If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you might remember that relievers used to be the […]

The week in Braves Win Probability

The first week of the Braves’ season went about as well as any fan could have hoped.  They opened with a sweep of the Phillies and came home to take two of three against the Mets.  Let’s take a look at it from the viewpoint of Win Probability Added, a fantastic stat that is tracked […]

Usage Score

I introduced the “usage score” (USG) last year on the old site, but I forgot to re-incorporate it into the new stats until tonight. That, along with trying to get some sortable stat pages up and running, has delayed today’s weekly post until later tonight. Right now, let me offer a quick explanation of USG […]


Welcome to the Braves WPA blog. I’ll be trying to make weekly posts about the Braves from a Win Probability Added perspective. If you’re interested in the Braves or sabermetric thinking, I hope you’ll find what you see here interesting. To learn a bit more about win probability, I suggest two take a loot at […]