Team Capsules On The Way

I have finished updating last year’s stats based on the new formulas I’m using, which I must say is a big accomplishment. If you’ve read any of John Hollinger’s articles, you’ll know what I’m referring to on this site, but otherwise you’ll probably want to read my introduction on the stats page. To a stat geek like me, it’s all very interesting, but most people are probably just interested in how it applies. PER is the main formula I’ll be using, and it functions as an overall measure of efficiency based on the numbers tracked in the box score. It’s very helpful for gauging offensive ability and somewhat helpful for defensive ability, so that’s how you can interpret it here. The other ratios are pretty self explanatory (e.g. Rebound Rate measures a player’s proficiency at rebounding the ball).

With these stats in mind, I’ll be doing team previews for each GSC West team in the coming weeks as we gear up for the start of the season. Come back often and give me your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.


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