Stats are up

The team and individual stats are up for this season. You can download the nice, neat Excel file here in order to view them. I will update that file throughout the season, and I will save old files by date within that /files folder.

I wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to the early stats, since not every team has even played multiple games. Also, the strength of schedule is widely different between teams. I may try to come up with some sort of leveling factor for those games in order to provide a clearer picture of where a team stands, perhaps as the non-conference season finishes up in December.

For now, this is my ranking of the GSC West teams, as you can see in the file (the other numbers are their records and my preseason ranking):
1. Delta State (4-0, 1)
2. Arkansas-Monticello (1-1, 2)
3. Central Arkansas (2-0, 4)
4. Harding (2-1, 3)
5. Henderson State (1-0, 5)
6. Ouachita Baptist (2-2, 6)
7. Southern Arkansas (1-2, 7)
8. Christian Brothers (2-2, 8)
9. Arkansas Tech (1-0, 9)

I didn’t really change anything there, although I am lowering my expectations for our season a little bit after the loss of Matt Hall. I still think we’re a GSC Tournament team, although I’m not as certain that we’re at the top.

You can see the top individual players in the file, but here’s a more general view of the individual stats, with the regular players (10+ minutes per game) categorized with a description (from “elite” to “completely inefficient”). Don’t put a lot of stock in these groupings, since they’re based entirely on PER from just a handful of games against a wide variety of opponents. Also remember that PER has its limitations. It doesn’t judge on-ball defense very well or a player’s role in the offense or defense at all. It’s just food for thought (and they’re in order, from first to last, by the way).

“Elite” players (PER > 25): Andrew Stanek (ATU), Jasper Johnson (DSU), Johnathan Holland (UAM), Randy George (HSU), Lonnie Smith (HU), Ike O’Hanson (ATU), Leon Stone (SAU), Donte Norton (HSU), Darryl Jones (UCA), Kenny Langhorne (SAU), Kevin Weybright (CBU)

“Great” players (PER is 20-25): M’Jumbe Williams (UAM), Stephin Booth (UCA), Victor Brown (DSU), Lucky Butler (OBU), Colby Harris (DSU), Patrick Andrepont (HU), Turmaine Rice (DSU)

“Good” players (PER is 18-20): Ronnie Smith (SAU), Cole Kee (HU), Brandon Sims (HU), George Kirby (OBU), Jeremy Richardson (DSU)

“Above average” players (PER is 16-18): Sandrell Spann (DSU), Adam Brock (CBU), Marlon McCoy (DSU), Joey Cortez (UCA), Kelvin Brown (HSU), Rone Smith (ATU), Sam Bradley (CBU), Billy McDaniel (UAM), Brandon White (SAU), Chad Wise (UCA)

“Average” players (PER is 14-16): Brandon Dawson (OBU), Brian Ross (OBU), Travis DeGroot (DSU), Denarryl Rice (ATU), Nate Newell (UAM), Alassane Savadogo (HU)

“Below average” players (PER is 10-14): Josh Bateman (ATU), Corey Green (SAU), Marcus Lyons (ATU), Brandon Daniels (HSU), Marques Collins (HSU), Roberto Casiano (CBU), Damon Harris (OBU), DeMarcus Wilson (UAM), Robert Miller (UAM), Dedric Spooner (HSU), Chris Montgomery (SAU)

“Well below average” players (PER is 8-10): Colin Flynn (CBU), LeMar Phillips (UCA), Brandon Mayweather (UAM), Lonnie Jackson (SAU), Cedric Davis (SAU), Brandon Bealer (SAU), Justin DeLamar (OBU), Paul Walker (CBU)

“Inefficient” players (PER is 5-8): Brandon Lipsey (UCA), Justin Ray (CBU), Jacob Thies (HU), Daniel Munday (OBU), Randy Oliver (OBU), Reggie Bibb (HU)

“Very inefficient” players (PER is 0-5): Joel Casseus (ATU), Jaranimo Marks (OBU), Antoine Vinson (HSU), Rowan Ledbetter (OBU)

“Completely inefficient” players (PER is below zero): Nick Kohs (CBU), Steven Barnett (HU), Fernando Johnson (CBU), Frederick Campbell (UCA), Matt Hall (HU), Durran Goodwin (UAM), Levi Harris (HSU)

It should be interesting to see which players get better, which get worse, and which fall off the list for lack of playing time (like Matt Hall will, for example).

It’s also interesting to note the difference between player efficiency, which is what this metric rates, and player value. For example, Jacob Thies is more valuable than his rating suggests because he is one of only two players large and bulky enough to handle the center position for HU for any length of time (along with Savadogo). With a smaller, more “efficient” player at center, we might have a lot of trouble defending other GSC big men and become even more one-dimensional on offense, so that’s an important distinction to make.

Anyhow, enjoy the stats this year. I know I will.


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