Revisiting the GSC's top players

Remember my player groupings from a week or so ago? Let’s revisit where the GSC West players stand based on my schedule-strength-adjusted PER ratings so far. I’ve changed some of the boundaries for the levels to even out the number of players.

Elite players (aPER > 25): Kenny Langhorne (SAU), Randy George (HSU), Jasper Johnson (DSU), Johnathan Holland (UAM), Kevin Weybright (CBU), Darryl Jones (UCA), Lonnie Smith (HU), Brandon Sims (HU)

Great players (20-25): Leon Stone (SAU), Kelvin Brown (HSU), Patrick Andrepont (HU), Stephin Booth (UCA), Nate Newell (UAM), Sam Bradley (CBU), Andrew Stanek (ATU), Denarryl Rice (ATU), Lucky Butler (OBU), Brandon White (SAU), Alassane Savadogo (HU), Sandrell Spann (DSU), M’Jumbe (J.B.) Williams (UAM)

Good players (17-20): DeMarcus Wilson (UAM), Donte Norton (HSU), Marlon McCoy (DSU), Colby Harris (DSU), Victor Brown (DSU), George Kirby (OBU), Rone Smith (ATU), Adam Brock (CBU), Brandon Mayweather (UAM)

Average players (13-17): Cole Kee (HU), Jeremy Richardson (DSU), Ronnie Smith (SAU), Turmaine Rice (DSU), Chris Montgomery (SAU), Travis Degroot (DSU), Billy McDaniel (UAM), Joey Cortez (UCA), Justin DeLamar (OBU)

Below average players (10-13): Brian Ross (OBU), Brandon Dawson (OBU), Damon Harris (OBU), Daniel Munday (OBU), Ike O’Hanson (ATU), Roberto Casiano (CBU), Dedric Spooner (HSU), Corey Green (SAU), Antoine Vinson (HSU)

Well below average players (8-10): Jaranimo Marks (OBU), Cedric Davis (SAU), Chad Wise (UCA), Lonnie Jackson (SAU), Josh Bateman (ATU), LeMar Phillips (UCA), Justin Ray (CBU)

Inefficient players (5-8): Reggie Bibb (HU), Paul Walker (CBU), Colin Flynn (CBU), Randy Oliver (OBU), Marques Collins (HSU), Jacob Thies (HU), Brandon Bealer (SAU), Marcus Lyons (ATU), Brandon Lipsey (UCA), Frederick Campbell (UCA)

Very inefficient players (5 and below): Nick Kohs (CBU), Joel Casseus (ATU), Rowan Ledbetter (OBU), Fernando Johnson (UCA), Brandon Daniels (HSU), Levi Harris (HSU), Steven Barnett (HU), Durran Goodwin (UAM)

Players by school:
Arkansas-Monticello: 1 elite, 2 great, 2 good, 1 average, 1 very inefficient
Arkansas Tech: 2 great, 1 good, 1 below average, 1 well below average, 1 inefficient, 1 very inefficient
Central Arkansas: 1 elite, 1 great, 1 average, 2 well below average, 2 inefficient
Christian Brothers: 1 elite, 1 great, 1 good, 1 below average, 1 well below average, 2 inefficient, 1 very inefficient
Delta State: 1 elite, 1 great, 3 good, 3 average
Harding: 2 elite, 2 great, 1 good, 2 inefficient, 1 very inefficient
Henderson State: 1 elite, 1 great, 1 good, 1 below average, 1 inefficient, 2 very inefficient
Ouachita Baptist: 1 great, 1 good, 1 average, 4 below average, 1 well below average, 1 inefficient, 1 very inefficient
Southern Arkansas: 1 elite, 2 great, 2 average, 1 below average, 2 well below average, 1 inefficient

Now, I’ll break down players by abilities. Again, these are players averaging at least 10 minutes per game over 3 or more games. These numbers are not adjusted for schedule strength, so you might want to give the Henderson State players some extra credit while taking Delta State and Arkansas Tech’s numbers with a grain of salt.

Rebounding (Rebound Rate):

Top 10 Bottom 10
Rank Player Team RR Player Team RR
1 Alassane Savadogo HU 29.6% Marlon McCoy DSU 2.5%
2 Randy George HSU 28.1% Cedric Davis SAU 3.0%
3 Ike O’Hanson ATU 22.5% Rowan Ledbetter OBU 3.1%
4 George Kirby OBU 21.6% Reggie Bibb HU 3.7%
5 Justin DeLamar OBU 20.8% Justin Ray CBU 3.9%
6 Stephin Booth UCA 19.8% Turmaine Rice DSU 4.5%
7 Sandrell Spann DSU 19.3% Brandon Bealer SAU 4.5%
8 Colby Harris DSU 18.2% Joey Cortez UCA 4.6%
9 Johnathan Holland UAM 18.1% Josh Bateman ATU 4.7%
10 Andrew Stanek ATU 17.9% Corey Green SAU 5.1%

Savadogo is getting nearly 30% of available rebounds when he’s on the floor, which is phenomenal. The only problems are his high usage rate and low assist ratio, which suggest that he doesn’t do much to help the team after he gets those rebounds. On the other end of the spectrum, players like Marlon McCoy basically don’t offer any rebounding help for their teams, and they are all guards, to the best of my knowledge.

Passing (Assist Ratio):

Top 10 Bottom 10
Rank Player Team AR Player Team AR
1 Marlon McCoy DSU 52.1 Chad Wise UCA 0.0
2 Travis DeGroot DSU 50.1 Fernando Johnson UCA 0.0
3 Roberto Casiano CBU 42.5 Marques Collins HSU 0.0
4 Steven Barnett HU 40.9 Johnathan Holland UAM 0.0
5 Marcus Lyons ATU 39.3 Stephin Booth UCA 0.0
6 Reggie Bibb HU 36.6 Randy George HSU 0.0
7 Rowan Ledbetter OBU 33.6 Alassane Savadogo HU 3.5
8 Josh Bateman ATU 32.9 LeMar Phillips UCA 4.0
9 Jaranimo Marks OBU 29.4 Nick Kohs CBU 4.5
10 Donte Norton HSU 27.0 Kelvin Brown HSU 5.0

Most of these guys are point guards, and for some of them (Bibb and Barnett included), this is pretty much their only source of value. As long as they knock down open shots, though, I can handle that.

Turnovers (Turnover Ratio, lower is better):

Top 10 Bottom 10
Rank Player Team TR Player Team TR
1 Marques Collins HSU 0.0 Steven Barnett HU 34.5
2 Brandon Lipsey UCA 0.0 Randy Oliver OBU 31.0
3 Marlon McCoy DSU 3.7 Durran Goodwin UAM 30.1
4 Jasper Johnson DSU 5.3 Justin DeLamar OBU 29.6
5 Billy McDaniel UAM 5.4 Ike O’Hanson ATU 29.2
6 Turmaine Rice DSU 6.2 Antoine Vinson HSU 27.4
7 Fernando Johnson UCA 6.3 Roberto Casiano CBU 25.5
8 Brandon Mayweather UAM 6.8 Brandon Bealer SAU 25.5
9 Andrew Stanek ATU 6.9 Jaranimo Marks OBU 25.4
10 Patrick Andrepont HU 7.4 Levi Harris HSU 25.4

Turnovers have been a big problem for Barnett, who is one of just a couple guards on the list. Mostly, the ones in the bottom 10 are forwards and centers with little handling skill. Some of the ones in the top 10 are point guards, which greatly helps their value. Those guys, along with forwards who handle the ball a lot (McDaniel and Andrepont come to mind), are also helping their teams a lot.

Shooting (True shooting percentage, which includes the added weight of threes and free throws made):

Top 10 Bottom 10
Rank Player Team TS% Player Team TS%
1 Andrew Stanek ATU 83.6 Marques Collins HSU 0.0
2 Donte Norton HSU 75.6 Fernando Johnson UCA 27.1
3 Kenny Langhorne SAU 73.7 Dedric Spooner HSU 29.6
4 Roberto Casiano CBU 73.3 Brandon Lipsey UCA 30.2
5 Denarryl Rice ATU 70.3 Brandon Daniels HSU 30.6
6 Kevin Weybright CBU 70.2 Frederick Campbell UCA 32.0
7 Johnathan Holland UAM 69.2 Joel Casseus ATU 32.5
8 Adam Brock CBU 67.9 Durran Goodwin UAM 33.5
9 Ike O’Hanson ATU 66.5 Lonnie Jackson SAU 38.1
10 Nate Newell UAM 66.1 Steven Barnett HU 39.5

The players leading this list fall into one of three categories: big men who only take easy shots (Holland, O’Hanson, Brock), guards who don’t shoot much (Norton, Casiano), and sharpshooters (Stanek, Langhorne, Rice, Weybright, Newell). Strangely, Newell’s value actually isn’t coming from his threes; rather, he’s just making a ton of free throws (an amazing 35 of 38 in 4 games). At the bottom is Collins, who has somehow managed to take and miss only three shots despite playing 18 minutes per game.

Brick Index…who is hurting their team the most by shooting too much?

Top 10
Rank Player Team BI
1 Durran Goodwin UAM 6.7
2 Randy George HSU 6.7
3 Brandon Lipsey UCA 5.9
4 Joel Casseus ATU 5.5
5 Dedric Spooner HSU 5.4
6 Fernando Johnson UCA 5.1
7 Frederick Campbell UCA 5.0
8 Brandon Daniels HSU 4.4
9 Billy McDaniel UAM 4.4
10 Chad Wise UCA 4.1

It’s odd to see Billy McDaniel on this list. He has to be one of the most underachieving players in the conference so far this year. Then, UAM also has Goodwin, who has been the least efficient regular player in the conference.

Usage Rate…who uses the ball the most?

Top 10 Bottom 10
Rank Player Team UR Player Team UR
1 Kelvin Brown HSU 28.4 Marques Collins HSU 2.6
2 Randy George HSU 27.7 Lonnie Jackson SAU 8.3
3 Denarryl Rice ATU 25.2 Jacob Thies HU 8.4
4 Ronnie Smith SAU 25.2 Marcus Lyons ATU 9.0
5 Jasper Johnson DSU 24.5 Fernando Johnson UCA 9.8
6 Durran Goodwin UAM 24.1 Donte Norton HSU 9.9
7 Kevin Weybright CBU 23.2 Brandon Mayweather UAM 10.0
8 Nate Newell UAM 23.2 Colin Flynn CBU 11.0
9 Darryl Jones UCA 22.9 Roberto Casiano CBU 11.2
10 Levi Harris HSU 22.8 Brian Ross OBU 11.3

At the top, there are some guys who are hogging the ball and playing poorly (Goodwin and Harris), while the rest actually deserve their touches. At the bottom are some players who have performed very poorly, but others who might be justified in asking for more playing time (Norton and Mayweather). For some of those on the Bottom 10, I would bet that their low efficiency ratings are a direct result of their few individual possessions (Thies comes immediately to mind).

And last, we have the Pure Point Rating:

Top 10
Rank Player Team PPR
1 Marlon McCoy DSU 18.5
2 Travis DeGroot DSU 11.6
3 Josh Bateman ATU 5.2
4 Andrew Stanek ATU 3.8
5 Reggie Bibb HU 3.7
6 JB Williams UAM 2.7
7 Marcus Lyons ATU 2.5
8 Brandon Lipsey UCA 2.5
9 Brandon Mayweather UAM 1.3
10 Roberto Casiano CBU 1.1

Most of these guys are true point guards, but a few (Stanek, in particular) are just passing well and not turning the ball over. McCoy, in particular, is playing the point exceptionally well with all of the weapons he has at Delta State. This just makes them look that much scarier to me.

Enjoy looking over the stats, and then go to tonight’s game against Arkansas Baptist.


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