GSC Review – January 12, 2006

There were more upsets around the league last night, so it’s time for some analysis.

Delta State 73, Arkansas-Monticello 58

This game has me thinking that UAM may be in more trouble than I initially thought after they lost Johnathan Holland. They handled most of their opponents pretty well in the non-conference season, despite their tough schedule, but a tough loss at home to Harding and this loss has me re-thinking their #2 status in my rankings. There’s not a clear #2 if it’s not the Weevils, though, so I still think they’re the second-best team in the division. Nate Newell, M’Jumbe Williams, and Billy McDaniel all had rough shooting nights for UAM, while Jeremy Richardson and Jasper Johnson poured it on for the Statesmen. Both had double-doubles with at least 20 points, although Richardson shot just 30% from the field. Victor Brown also had a solid game for DSU with 15 points and 5 boards. There were no performances worth mentioning for UAM. Delta State remains the only undefeated team in the division at 3-0.

Henderson State 59, Central Arkansas 53

I expected a slow game between these two plodding teams, and those types of games tend to allow for upsets. So, it should come as little surprise that a talented, but undisciplined Henderson State team finally managed to pick up their first conference win, even if it came at the expense of formerly undefeated (in conference) UCA. Kelvin Brown was a scoring machine, notching nearly half (28) of his team’s points. The teams combined for just 81 shots, but UCA also managed a 20-point scorer in guard Joey Cortez. The Bears were playing without Darryl Jones, who has been their most efficient player to date, for an undisclosed reason. UCA will have to rebound from this loss at Harding, while Henderson gets to host Christian Brothers on Monday.

Christian Brothers 59, Arkansas Tech 55

This game tells me more about Arkansas Tech than it does Christian Brothers. ATU breezed through a weak non-conference schedule, and their lack of preparation for the conference season showed in the loss to the surprisingly 2-1 Bucs. The Wonder Boys have had major turnover problems in their first three games of GSC play, and this game was no exception. CBU’s shooting, however, was the real reason for their win. They played solid enough defense and had a TS% of over 60, which is very high. Shooting 24-of-45 from the field certainly can’t hurt. An important sight for Christian Brothers is yet another game where Kevin Weybright didn’t have to do all the work. Sam Bradley led the Bucs in scoring with 19 points on spectacular 9-of-11 shooting. I’m not sure how long CBU’s hot hand will last, but Henderson State had better hope they can find an answer. Tech will host OBU on Monday.

Southern Arkansas 76, Harding 65

There’s no way around saying this was a disappointment.

Prediction Summary
Computer: 2-2 (10-6 overall)
Me: 1-3 (10-6 overall)
Team with higher net efficiency entering the game: 2-2 (11-5 overall)
Team with better record: 1-3 (9-7 overall)
Home team: 3-1 (7-9 overall)


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