Chris Cornell finally bolts Audioslave, what next?

As I was writing my previous post, I came across an MTV News article breaking the news that Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has left the band. I hadn’t really noticed that my #8 contemporary band wasn’t touring to support their latest album, Revelations, but the pieces now fit together a bit better. Rumors had apparently been flying that Cornell was not happy, and he had actually already been working on his second solo LP all this time.

I’m a little stunned, since I thought Audioslave would just continue making one great record after another, but now the former Rage Against the Machine guys appear to also be the former Audioslave guys.

So, what’s next for these guys? Who knows? Tom Morello seems content to work on his solo Nightwatchman efforts, and the other guys don’t really have a lot of individual clout. I just hope they’ll form other interesting groups in the future.

The article for my #1 band will be up soon, by the way, perhaps even Monday if I’m on top of things with a review of Saturday’s Harding/Arkansas Tech game on Sunday.

[Update: I goofed and missed my recap of the ATU game last night, an 86-74 Bisons win.  I’ll recap it tomorrow if I get the chance.  HU will face Henderson State tomorrow in Arkadelphia.]


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