Friday Notes: August 31, 2007

Some notes to get you through the first weekend of football season:

  • Tennessee plays at Cal tomorrow night at 8 PM on ABC.  Erik Ainge will be playing with a broken finger, and I’ll be watching, hoping that the Vols can get off to a good start.  I think Tennessee will run the ball very well this year, and Ainge is possibly the best quarterback in the SEC, even though he’s throwing to a bunch of no-name receivers.  The defense should be pretty stout, and tomorrow’s game will be a very close matchup, at least if you believe the national rankings.
  • UTC opened up their football season with a rousing loss to Division-II Carson Newman.  They suffered through a mess of injuries, but at the end of the game, they had still surrendered a 14-0 lead and lost 29-17.  Head coach Rodney Allison, by most accounts, is doing a decent enough job cleaning up the program’s image, but on the field, the results haven’t been pretty.  Count me among the people rooting for this team to improve, so that he can keep his job.
  • They should have had this when I was at Harding.
  • I’m not ready to switch back to Bloglines, since I’ve gotten used to Google Reader’s unique features, but it’s still a great feed reader, and now it’s not so ugly.
  • If anyone has any quick advice about web hosting, I’m about ready to move my site off of MySiteSpace and onto Lunarpages, which seems to be getting the best reviews for its service.  I would go the free route if I didn’t like keeping so many huge files online.
  • I’ve been trying a neat J2ME web application called SoonR on my phone this week.  Basically, it allows you to access all of the files on your home computer from any location, as sort of a glorified, mobile-targeted remote desktop.  I’m not aware of any security issues, but it’s really handy when I want to get a file or send one to someone when I’m not at home.
  • The Braves gained a half-game on the Mets and lost the same on the Phillies, as the Phillies completed their sweep yesterday.  I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news, so I’m putting it way down here in the post.

I’ll try to check in with my Braves update on Monday even though it’s a holiday weekend.  I’ll be in two online fantasy football drafts on Monday, so that should be fun.


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