Football Notes: Rankings galore

Just for the heck of it, I’m pulling out my college football top 10 and NFL notes for the week and putting them into their own post.  It makes me feel better about not having as much original stuff to post, I’ll admit, but it’s also a good way to start some discussion and prepare for the weekend’s action.

College Football Top 10

  1. LSU
  2. USC
  3. Oklahoma
  4. West Virginia
  5. Florida
  6. California
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Ohio State
  9. Clemson
  10. Texas
  • Cal, Clemson, and West Virginia all face tough opponents on the road this week, and you’re likely to see Oregon or South Florida on this list if those (also undefeated) schools win at home.
  • I still think Alabama and South Carolina have solid teams, even though both lost cross-division games last weekend.  ‘Bama could be 3-2 if they falter at FSU, but Spurrier and Co. should prevail at home against Mississippi State.

NFL Power Rankings

  1. New England
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Dallas
  4. Indianapolis
  5. Green Bay
  6. Baltimore
  7. Philadelphia
  8. San Diego
  9. Tampa Bay
  10. Denver
  • To me, there’s a big drop after #3.  The Pats and Steelers have been thoroughly dominant, and no one can seem to stop the Cowboys’ offense.  Green Bay has a better defense than pretty much anyone gave them credit for, and Brett Favre is somehow still leading that offense.  The rest of the teams on that list have already shown some flaws, but I think they’re the best remaining teams.
  • I’m leaving my 49ers off the list, even though they could be 3-1 and leading the NFC West after this weekend.  I don’t think the Pittsburgh loss was terrible, but the offense is incredibly uninspiring at this point.  Alex Smith has not looked good at all, save for the game-winning drive against Arizona.  Now Manny Lawson is out for the year, and VD is out for a few games, so it could be rough for a while.
  • If you saw VD’s catch during last week’s game, which was reviewed and ruled incomplete, you might have thought the refs were totally nuts.  I would agree, but if you want their side, SFGate has it.  Personally, I still think he caught the ball (had possession) and was down.  FO’s Ben Riley disagrees with me, but he doesn’t properly address whether or not Davis was down.  To me, the officials’ point that Davis didn’t make a “football move” is not very strong.  It’s a catch, he was down, and the fumble/INT happened after the play was over.

This weekend doesn’t offer a particularly compelling set of games, but with the National League still completely up for grabs, you can always watch a little baseball if you get bored.


7 thoughts on “Football Notes: Rankings galore

  1. I don’t think Florida’s defense could handle West Virginia’s team speed.

    USF/West Virginia should be a good one tonight.

  2. Jay,

    Our defensive issue is the complete incompetence of our pass D. We can’t generate a pass rush, our corners can’t cover anyone man-to-man, and our linebackers can’t protect underneath if we try to play zone. Oh, and our safeties are terrible too at everything besides run support.

    Our front seven has plenty of speed. I actually think a WVU-type offense is what we’re BEST equipped to handle defensively. A solid dropback passing offense is what I think we won’t be able to deal with. That’s why I don’t feel good at all about our game at Kentucky.

    Of course, you could make the case that John’s rankings weren’t supposed to take into account specific team-vs-team matchups anyway. Maybe John meant that he thought West Virginia has a higher probability of beating a randomly chosen team than Florida does, in which case nothing we’ve said even applies.

  3. Actually, my rankings are intended to represent which teams may or may not field FBS football teams, in order of ascending Statistics Department quality. So, maybe you shouldn’t have chosen UF.

    Honestly, I hadn’t really considered anything other than some vague “best team” concept, relative to nothing in particular. Plus, it’s based on only four weeks, so obviously it’s going to change.

    If I had to say right now, I’d take WVU over UF on a neutral field, but I wouldn’t feel especially comfortable about it.

  4. I hear he led Chaminade to a victory over #1 Virginia, and then he coached #8 seed Villanova to a national title a few years later.

    I guess that was probably after he resurrected Lazarus.

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