Football Notes: Perhaps I should have bought someone else's jersey

NFL Notes

I may have mentioned on here before that I’ll be attending the 11/4 game between the Falcons and 49ers in Atlanta. What I probably haven’t mentioned is that I bough my first piece of licensed NFL apparel in preparation for this game: a replica Alex Smith jersey. Hopefully he’ll be healthy enough to play in that game, but after a visit to Dr. James Andrews (never a good sign), I suppose that’s in doubt. Much like the 49ers’ playoff chances.

I’ll be updating my fantasy football progress at some point, but with my site having been down all week, it’s taking some time for me to catch up.

Power rankings:
1. New England
2. Dallas
3. Indianapolis
4. Pittsburgh
5. Green Bay
6. Tampa Bay
7. Seattle
8. Baltimore
9. Denver
10. Arizona

College Notes

Top 10:
1. LSU
2. USC
3. California
4. Wisconsin
5. Florida
6. Ohio State
7. Oklahoma
8. South Florida
9. Georgia
10. Oregon

I’m an SEC homer, so I guess it’s a wonder I only put 3 teams from college football’s power conference in the top 10. There’s no doubt that the SEC is the best conference in college football, and the one-loss schools deserve more credit for their records than several of the undefeateds who haven’t beaten anyone of note. Let’s see if I can still rank Florida that high after they lose to LSU. For what it’s worth, the SEC is 25-4 against all other conferences, with Alabama’s loss to FSU being the only one not to a current Top 25 team.

(I did these rankings before the Kentucky-South Carolina game, so that’s my reason for leaving SC off the list.)

There’s no line on the UTC-Arkansas game this week, but the Times-Free Press columnist who picks the games predicts a final score of Arkansas 73, Chattanooga 7. Hey, at least the Mocs are getting $325K out of it.

High School Notes

The most important football game of the year is tonight, and it won’t be played on a college campus or at an NFL stadium. It’s the McCallie-Baylor game, and my alma mater will be going for consecutive win #10 in the Chattanooga area’s best rivalry. Go Blue Tornado.


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