College Basketball Top 25: December 3, 2007

There’s not a lot of movement this week.


Ten teams that are close (in alphabetical order): Arkansas, Davidson, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, St. Mary’s, Stanford, USC, Vanderbilt, Virginia

Just to clarify what these rankings are supposed to represent (or not represent):

This is not a list based on what teams “deserve” at this point in the season, so they’re more power rankings than they are achievement rankings.  It’s supposed to represent the best teams in college basketball at this moment.   In other words, it means that I think Butler would beat UConn, Clemson, Pitt, and Arizona on a neutral floor, while they would lose to Oregon, Marquette, Tennessee, or Washington State.  It also means that if Kyle Singler and DeMarcus Nelson hurt themselves while fighting for a rebound against Michigan this weekend, I would have to drop Duke in the rankings even though they’re 8-0.

With all the BCS arguments out there right now, I thought I’d clear up any possible confusion.


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