Harding earns home split vs. Alabama schools

The Bisons edged North Alabama tonight, powered by another great effort from Matt Hall and some scoring support from the guard tandem of Trent Morgan and Steven Barnett.


Both teams shot incredibly well.  Harding was a made three-pointer short of giving both teams a 50% shooting night from beyond the arc, and both teams shot over 50% from two-point range as well.

The difference in the game for Harding was protecting the basketball.  The Bisons were outshot and out-rebounded by small margins, but with the exception of Barnett, they made very few mistakes with the ball.  Barnett made up for those mistakes by putting in a solid scoring night with 17 points on just 9 shots.  Trent Morgan was just as good, scoring 14 and dishing out 5 assists to his one turnover.

Jesse Bynum played a majority of the game for the Bisons, scoring 13 points in his time at center, while Jacob Thies saw just 13 minutes.  Either he got hurt, or Coach Morgan is reviewing his options at various spots on the floor.  Whatever it was, it worked.   Kevin Brown only played five minutes, though, and Matt Hall played virtually the whole game.  According to the HardingSports.com recap, Hall’s 28 points moved him into the top 10 of GSC all-time scorers.  He’s still a ways back from Butch Gardner’s school scoring record, although it is still within reach.

Hall’s game score of 29.3 led the team, but Bynum, Morgan, and Barnett all topped 10.  This is exactly the kind of support Hall will need to produce like this on a nightly basis, so here’s hoping the Bisons can keep it up.

The Bisons finish their homestand against Central Baptist on Thursday night, so look for notes on Thursday and a recap Friday.


3 thoughts on “Harding earns home split vs. Alabama schools

  1. Barnett had a great night offensively. A must if the Bisons are going to compete.
    Bynum finally got to play extended minutes in real time and looked comfortable for a change. He has always been treated as “one mistake and you’re out.”
    Brown went out hurt after a spill.
    UAH and UNA are daylight and dark. Bisons have a chance when teams have a style like UNA.

  2. Hopefully Brown’s okay after that spill. It’s good to know that he’s not falling out of favor with the coaching staff, though. I always worry about that with talented freshmen.

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