2009 Florida Spring Training Trip – Schedule

Being out of college and married with no kids has certain benefits, even in a slumping economy.  My wife’s job recently offered her the opportunity to go to a conference in Orlando in March (free hotel!), so my eyes lit up with only one thought: Spring Training.  Her conference is this weekend, and today I’m spending the first of five days in Florida, where I will be attending six spring training games.

I’ve been to spring training once previously, on a school-sponsored trip to Arizona when I was in middle school.  This time, fortunately, I’m calling the shots, so I’m going to see 3 Braves games this week.

Below is my anticipated schedule.  I’ll try to post some updates, but I make no guarantees because I’m also going to work on my NCAA Tourney bracket starting tomorrow night.

Here’s where I’ll be this week:

Saturday 3/14: Phillies at Astros (ss) in Kissimmee
Sunday 3/15: Astros at Braves in Lake Buena Vista (Orlando/Disney World)
Monday 3/16: Cardinals at Tigers in Lakeland
Tuesday 3/17: Mets at Braves in Lake Buena Vista
Tuesday 3/17: Pirates at Yankees in Tampa
Wednesday 3/18: Braves at Mets in Port St. Lucie

Friend and regular commenter Doug will be joining me tomorrow for the Astros and Braves, thanks to his Gators’ early exit from the SEC Tournament (I’ll try to remember to cry a tear for them later).  Friend, regular commenter, and brother-in-law Chris will be joining me for Monday through Wednesday’s games.  I’ll go it alone for today’s game, but I trust you won’t feel too sorry for me.


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